The butterflies purchased here are environmentally farm bred and raised. These butterflies are totally sustainable and are released to breed and carry on the cycle and species year after year. Butterflies only live for a few weeks and in that short life time they eat, breed and die.Farm bred sustainable butterflies also give many disadvantaged villages around the world income to survive in a better way including helping their environment and themselves.

All endangered species are listed with the Convention of International Trade for Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna.(CITES) and some very rare butterflies do come under this protection umbrella. The only butterflies at Unique Butterflies that are only available through a CITES permit are in the cabinet marked “Rare Birdwings”. These can only be re-sold in Australia and need a permit to leave our shores. I do not re-sell these specimens overseas and they have been purchased from Australian CITES licensed collectors.


A full list of protected animals, birds, sea-life, insects, etc can be found at:


Butterlies have increased in value  as an investment over the years since 1900’s…..
many papilio, nymphs and others, especially morphidae.

Some Birdwing examples

alexandrae $260 a pair in 1970 to $8,000 a pair 2014

allottei male 1970 $3,000 to $4,000 2014

caelestis 1970 $28 to $575 2014




All specimens are bred on small insect farms around the world.
The pairs mate, lay eggs. larva fed food plants, pupate and cycle
starts again. Adults die very soon after mating etc and are collected
for museums, collectors, schools, Dept of Agriculture, etc etc.

Many are also released as larva to boost wild stocks as butterflies lay
hundreds of eggs: Many eggs, larva, pupa are preyed upon and killed by wasps,
ants, birds, human poison spray, population growth and loss of food plants.

Even as many people spray their veggies. tomato plants etc they are killing
not only larva but spiders, insects, frogs and so on. Much of this poison
is washed into ponds and underground to kill ants, tadpoles, water spiders,
and so much more. Plus the birds that eat poisoned insect are affected as
well as their eggs and young.

The insect farms promote the planting of habitat and retaining of forest which is
much more healthy and sustainable than cutting down hardwood for fancy
expensive furniture. It also helps poor families in countries that do not have our
lucky ways and income.

All this is governed by CITES which monitors all animals, birds, insects etc
and fund the fight against poachers that kill and take from the wild protected species.

All Unique Butterflies insects etc have passed CITES, Dept of Agriculture, Bio Security, Quarantine
and Postal Inspections.

CITES……Convention investigating trade in endangered species.

Unique Butterflies do not sell CITES species .

Happy Collecting and Preserving