Beetles are among the most colorful and beautiful of all the insect species.

The Cetonidae, Buprestidae, and Rutelidae, being in my opinion, the most colorful and varied species. Many are classed as “Jeweled Scarabs”. This term is actually incorrect as the Scarabaeidae is in fact a completely different species of beetle.
The name “Jeweled Beetle”is more appropriate for the really highly colored and reflective beetles. Some of these are specimens as : Sagra longicollis,(red, green and blue), mystroceros rouyeri (green), Rhomborrhina resplendens(gold) and Torynorrhina flammea(red, violet, green).
Other classes of beetles are: Cerambycidae, Chrysomelidae, Dynastidae(horned), Cerambycidae(long antenna), and Elateridae(click).
The Rutelidae, I consider, are the true “Jeweled Beetles”, and are very rare and a true challenge to collect and display.